Make us your custom software development secret weapon

You want to give your clients what they need, but you don’t want to maintain your own internal software development shop. That’s where we come in.

Do you have clients who need custom software? Do your clients have internal software development teams who are struggling to make agile work? Are you looking for a rock solid reliable partner to deliver for your clients? Then it’s time for us to have a strategic conversation.

We offer our Partners:
1. Access to expert software development talent
2. Top priority in our workflow and scheduling
3. Our company leadership is involved in all projects
4. Standardized pricing that makes communicating with your clients easy

We partner with select business consulting organizations to help their clients create the software they need, and build their own internal expertise with agile software development techniques. Our partnership process is designed to let you focus on what you do best, while we augment your delivery capability. It looks like this:

Initial Conversation

We can ask each other questions and get to know one another a bit. We can explain how we work, our Craftsmanship model, our Iteration Billing approach, etc. We can probably have a very good idea if a partnership is right or not within an hour.

RoleModel Site Visit

Come visit our studio in Holly Springs, NC to see how we work, discuss more details, and hammer out the basics of a partnership.

Finalizing the Details

Here we make the business relationship official by drafting and executing a Partnership Agreement. Then it's time to get started working together on our first project!

Getting Started on the First Project

Working on the first project together is where the rubber meets the road. There is always the possibility of " hiccups," but our goal is to build long-term partnerships that are successful for everyone!

We encourage you to see how our team of 20+ USA-based, full-stack developers works. We’ve been at it since 1997, and we were heavily involved in the agile movement since the earliest days. We’ve crafted results for customers on 100+ custom software projects on multiple platforms (desktop to mobile).

We have worked in Healthcare, Manufacturing, and other industries. Our extensive portfolio ranges from web-based medical decision support systems to mobile agricultural field management systems to eCommerce retail systems. With five USA locations and track record of successful projects located from the Pacific Rim to Europe, we are ready to help you!

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